Working with local businesses: The Little Carousel

 — The Little Carousel  – Boutique event styling and hire – Christchurch —


The Little Carousel is a boutique event styling and hire business, which specialises in Children’s birthday parties,
Baby showers and Weddings. This year, they have also built an extension to their business called Little Slumber parties.
They are based in the lovely town of Christchurch, South Island.

Creative owner and stylist Jen, established her love for parties, and all the planning and styling that comes with it.
As a trained teacher, and mother of 3, there’s no doubt she’s had her fair share of organising parties and planning activities.

Little Carousel

 From hiring out table and chairs, to lighting, decor, and even a DONUT WALL! These guys do it all.
You can purchase a party box, with all the essential party basics, right down to hiring Jen to style the entire event for you.

The Little Carousel

Her eye for detail, ensures that your event runs smoothly and stress free.
If you wish to hire her styling talent, then she offers an amazing process, right from the start,
she sends out a mood board to you, and discusses your requirements, to ensure she knows exactly what you want.

Jen approached us to create some custom floral decor pieces for her, which we are were super thrilled about.
We designed and created a floral chandelier and floral curtain (or floral backdrop as some may call it).
These floral curtains can be used as a backdrop for a birthday, event, or photoshoot.

The Little Carousel Floral Chandelier  The Little Carousel  The Little Carousel

Little Slumbers

Over the last six months, they have been working on an extension to their fabulous event party business.
Little Slumbers, is the original slumber tent party boutique, in Christchurch.
They specialise in unique, magical Slumber tent parties, for children of all ages.

Starting from $130, there are slumber tent party packages you can choose from. 
Pacakges include: Unique, NZ made A-frame tents, sheets, mattresses and duvet inners, pillow cases (but not pillows, for hygienic reasons), bed trays, lanterns, eye masks, robes, decorations, and scatter cushions. The cost even includes the cost of delivery, set up and pack down as well, saving you all the stress and hassle from doing it yourself!

 The Little Carousel: Little Slumbers The Little Carousel: Little Slumbers The Little Carousel: Little Slumbers


If you live in Christchurch, head on over to The Little Carousel, for your chance to win a ‘bestie slumber’.

But be quick, as the competition closes tomorrow Friday 7th July 8pm!!!

The Little Carousel

The ONLY felt florist in New Zealand!

felt florist in new zealand

The ONLY felt florist in New Zealand!

That’s right, this is the only Felt Florist in New Zealand! It’s really all in the title, honestly.
As we are mid way through 2017, I am still the only florist in New Zealand, creating
gift bouquets, arrangements, weddings flowers and catering to
corporate clients and the film industry, with felt flowers.

Amongst all the other florists out there, whether it is fresh flowers, silk flowers, paper flowers,
foam or flax flowers, I am the only florist in New Zealand working with felt.
At this point in time, it makes our flowers truly and incredibly unique!

New Zealand florist

I’m not here to bag all the other types of florists out there. In fact, if you already follow me,
you will know I have a very good friend Sema, who is a Flax florist at Hapene by Artiflax.
I often purchase hapene from her, to use in my bouquets and arrangements,
as I do like to incorporate different media into my creations.

I am simply here to say that if none of the other types of fresh or fake flowers take you fancy,
I offer an alternative to other artificial flowers. Because let’s face it, just like food,
everyone has different taste buds!

Whenever I introduce myself, and my business, the most common question is
“How did you get into felt flowers?” 
Well, in all honesty, I don’t really remember.
It seems to have just…well, happened! I don’t even remember the exact date! 

And when it did, I must have phased out my old work (with felt) pretty quickly,
because I barely remember that either.  
All I know was that I loved making flowers.
There was a whole different creative side to it that intriguied me.

Getting requests to make a certain flower challenged me. And I loved that aspect to it!

If this is your first time visiting my website, why not check out my portfolio,
and get your wallet ready to purchase all of my beautiful flowers in the shop!

It has been a very exciting journey so far, and each new day brings new adventure. 
I can’t wait to show everyone what else I can create!
Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far.

As I continue to build my portfolio, I would love to know what other flowers
you would love to see me make.
Leave a comment below and
stay tuned on my Facebook and Instagram pages.
I may just make your flower in the near future! 


Remembering a Loved One

Remembering a loved one

Remembering a Loved One

In 2013, Julia and Marcus lost their son Isaac. Yet, every day he is with them, in more ways than one. And they put a meaningful emphasis on special occasions to include Isaac in any way possible. Julia even writes regularly on a blog style Facebook Page called Remembering Isaac. So it was without a doubt, that he would be included on their wedding day as well. Remembering a loved one is a journey in itself, it is part of life, and everyone processes it in their own way.


In 2015, I was approached by Julia to create some felt flowers for their
wedding. She wanted a bridal bouquet, wrist corsages, boutonnieres and centre pieces for the guest tables, as well a special centre piece for the head table.

All of that was fine, and I was looking forward to creating unique floral pieces for their big day. The only thing that made me extremely nervous was the request for a special centre piece for their head table, for remembering a loved one. Julia asked if I could create a centre piece based on Isaac’s casket spray. And in her words she said “Morbid I know, but I loved them!” And I’m not one to say no, as I have nothing against that sort of thing, so of course I agreed.

 While Julia left me to my own creative license for the arrangements, there were a few things I had to follow, in her brief. This included a selection of certain flowers such as daffodils, centre pieces where she would provide the base/vase/mini bucket, and a selection of smaller flowers for her daughter. Now don’t get me wrong, every bride should have a brief for their florist, as it makes my job so much easier! But when a client or bride ‘leaves it up to me’, the nerves kick in immediately! It’s safe to say that with this particular job, I had a deep mix of emotions. Learning of Julia’s loss and her story behind wanting the flowers that she did, made me emotional throughout the whole process. As a florist I was honoured, to be asked to create such a special arrangement, and as a mother, my heart was heavy with both sadness and love.

I started with the main table centre piece, as the guest table centre pieces were going to be based on that. It took me a long time to finish. I doubted myself and my creativity everyday until it was done. I often had to walk away from it, because of the emotions that came through me, whilst working on it. Even though Julia acknowledged it wouldn’t be, and didn’t have to be an exact replica of Isaac’s casket spray, I wanted it to be perfect. I sent her photos often, of the progress, so that I could tweak it if necessary.

Remembering a loved one: It wasn’t just the flowers she incorporated in to their wedding day, which had a special connection to Isaac. She also included Isaac in many other ways, including personalised cuff links for her husband, from our friends over at KJdesigns Handstamped Jewellery. Julia also added personal touches to her floral pieces. With her bouquet, she added a butterfly, in remembrance of Isaac.

Guest table centre pieces doubled as gift favours,
for their close family members. 

A daffodil was used in Lily’s hair. (Their daughter).

Isaac’s Corner:

It wasn’t until later in 2016, where Julia shared a post on her ‘Remembering Isaac’ Facebook page, that I learnt of the final destination of the head table floral arrangement.

In their home they have a special corner of their lounge, called Isaac’s corner. It is here where the head table arrangement from their wedding day now sits.

Julia told me that whenever she looks at Isaac’s corner, and see’s my flowers, she ‘can’t help but smile’ every time she sees them.

To know this, warms my heart. I feel blessed. Not only to have been involved in Julia’s & Marcus’s wedding, but also to have been able to create something, that connects them to Isaac each and everyday. To have created something that brings out some form of  happiness from their grief.

It was at that moment, when all my fears disappeared. Whilst a new rush of mixed emotions hit me, I was relieved. A weight had been lifted off my shoulders, knowing that Julia and her family found comfort in something that I had created.


Julia, Marcus, Lily and Isaac, thank you! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your wedding.
Thank you for trusting in me, and believing my creative skills.
In was an absolute honour and privilege to create all the unique floral pieces for your big day.
It brings me joy to know that a piece of my work, will forever live in your home, and bring a smile to your faces.