Meet The Team

Oh Em Gee Apparel is a family run business. We are based in the beautiful Tauranga, in the sunny Bay of Plenty. We are proud to live in a beautiful country such as ours, and we are often inspired by the flora we can find in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Women's Original T-Shirt Black

She’s the brains and beauty behind the brand (or so she thinks!) She’s in charge of the day to day stuff behind the scenes and is the go-to for managing our social media, accounting, admin and website. (Yes, she built this website solo!) She’s the genius behind the Original designs for both the Mens and Womens tees. Emily is also the super talented mastermind behind Oh Em Gee Felt Florist + Decor. With experience in retail, customer service, events, promotions, business management, she exhibits a huge determination and passion to follow her dreams while providing for her family. Aside from the business, she’s an incredible Fiancé, Mum, Aunty and even a Great Aunty too! She has a huge passion for the ocean, loves music, and is very much a summer lovin’ gal!

Men's Original Tee Black
We let him think he’s the boss. We all know who the real boss is cough Emily cough. He’s a Sales Rep in “real life,” and a darn good one at that! (Yes, he has an 8-5 job during the week days too!)

He plans to help out with designing some of our apparel, and (he doesn’t know it yet,) but he will helping out behind the scenes too.
If you receive a t-shirt unfolded, you’ll know who to come for. Haha! But in all seriousness, with his drive and experience in sales
and management, he’ll be the one keeping us in line and on track!

Outside of Oh Em Gee Apparel, he’s a Fiancé and an awesome Father and Uncle.
He loves cars, music, fishing, and is also a beach going, summer lovin’ guy!


He’s a sweet, young 5 year old lad with dreams as high as the sky! He loves football, swimming, cars, and almost anything outdoors-y.
He’s part of our promo crew, and you’ll often see him modelling our apparel.

He’s a wee 3 year old dude with a cheeky smile and the deepest of dimples that will make your ovaries melt (only if you’re a woman of course!).
He loves cars, trucks, excavators, swimming and exploring. You’ll also see him in our promo crew modelling for us (when he’s not having a tantrum.)

Our gorgeous niece (her name does actually mean beautiful) is a pretty little 5 year girl who loves music, gymnastics, football and all things girly!
If it includes dressing up, makeup, hair or nail polish – you can count her in!
She’s part of our promo crew too! You’ll see her modelling for us, alongside Cortez and Lorenzo.